Sunday, January 26, 2014

Windy Day

All of the trails were packed or groomed early this morning after we received about 3" of snow throughout the night.  The goal was to pack the snow down so it doesn't blow away this afternoon.  Then when things settle down it can be finish groomed.

The bad news is that the snow already blew off all the bare spots on the golf course.  Don't know if the golf course will ever have a decent base this year.  However everywhere else that we have been grooming this year looks great.

The good news is that we are going to start grooming the Pilot Knob State Park road this year.  It is holding it's snow well and is a popular place to ski. It was groomed this morning and I enjoyed a very nice skate there this afternoon.  The road is marked for skiing on one side and the other is for snowmobiles, walkers & snowshoes.  Hopefully everyone will adhere to this well marked plan so we can all safely enjoy the park road!

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