Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tough week

It was a tough week for the trail.  Thanks to above freezing temperatures and rain, most of the trail is either gone or not useable. 

However there was enough snow on the Krysilis property for a couple of small loops to be texturized for skating today.  It can best be accessed by parking at the Lodge parking lot and heading north past the wood fence. 

And don't forget how much fun it can be to crust skate ski off trail.  I was out today skating from patch to patch right next to the trail.  Plus the lake bed at Pilot Knob state park was pretty good for that too.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Eric & I took the ginzu groomer out tonight to touch up most of the skating trails including the ice rink loop.  We left the existing classic tracks alone since there was not enough snow to reset tracks.  Have a great weekend of skiing!

Lighted ski trail

New for Forest City is our lighted ice rink/ski loop in Pammel Park.  I spent an hour skiing it last night and had a blast!  It's small and flat but you will not need a headlamp after dark.  It's ready for both classic and skate skiers.

Just flip on the switch on the light pole on the Northwest side of the rink and you will have plenty of light for playing on the ice or snow.  Please turn it off when you leave. 

And it's all free!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

A very small loop for skating and classic skiing was groomed right next to the ice rink in Pammel Park yesterday.  It's very small and very flat, but could be fun for beginners.  The rink was having fresh water poured on it yesterday with plans to open today.

Classic tracks only were set around the lake bed on Pilot Knob Lake (it's dry now) and around the campground.  A newly built funneling device that grabs snow from both sides and funnels it down to a 2' wide area was used.  This should be useful in the future when there isn't enough newly fallen snow to set tracks.

The best access would be to park at the entrance to Pilot Knob campground and look for the tracks.  There is probably about 2km of track set.

The main Forest City Ski Trail still has about 1.3km of track at the East Woods Access and about .5 km at the Lodge & Krysilis. And we still have well over 5km of skating on the entire course.

We're trying to make the best out of thin snow and we're always wishing for more.  I hope you enjoy the trails in and around Forest City!