Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beautiful day for skiing!

What a great day for skiing!  The hoarfrost in the trees made for a picturesque day on the trail. Nice to see people from Clear Lake & Garner up to enjoy the course this afternoon.  Hope you get a chance to ski today!
East Wood Access
Lodge & Krysilis
Between the river & clubhouse

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fresh snow just groomed

Pretty much all of the Forest City Ski Trail has been groomed for skate skiing thanks to the recent snowfall.  I did set tracks on the loop that starts at the East woods access and goes down to the river.  And there are tracks at the Lodge & Krysilis properties.  However the tracks do go down to the grass on occasion.  There isn't enough consistent depth to set tracks over the entire course.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Chrismas Eve

One more loop has been opened up this morning thanks to Jim McGuire and Sam Swanson bringing snow to the bare spots.  This is the loop between the East Woods access and the clubhouse.  It was only packed for skate skiing however because there just isn't enough consistent depth there to set tracks. 

However there are still tracks on the loop that goes from the East Woods access down to the river.  And that skating loop was also refreshed and widened this morning.

The loops on the Lodge and Krysilis properties are still skiable also.

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

First Grooming of the season

Parts of the ski trail were groomed tonight.  Because of how much snow was blown off of the trail on Thursday we could not groom the entire trail.  Thanks to the efforts of a shoveling crew to add snow where it was needed we were able to groom one loop on the golf course.  It is ready for skate skiing and has a track set for diagonal skiing.  The best access would be in the Northeast corner of the course just off of golf course road. 

We also groomed on the Lodge Resort and Krysilis properties for both skating and diagonal skiing.  Access there would best be at the Lodge parking lot.  Skiers are welcome there.

Thank you to Dan and Eric Rust, Sarah and Dan Hovinga for moving snow tonight!  If anyone else is interested in helping open up any other loops feel free to contact me at

First storm!

The course was packed with a roller early Thursday morning in an attempt to pack it down and to keep it from being blown away before the winds really picked up.  However by the end of the day the winds did more damage than expected.  We will evaulate the bare sections and try to make the best of what is left.

Here is what it looked like after one pass with the roller.  There is about 8" of snow in this spot!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Snow

Well, our first snow of the year on December 9th was just a dusting so there was not enough to do any grooming.  However it was enough to enjoy some skiing on the trail anyway.  Joe and I went out tonight and enjoyed some fun skiing!

It looks like this Saturday will be the next chance for snow.  So we'll keep an eye on that.

New for this year is that we will groom a vary small ski loop right next to the ice skating rink in Pammel Park.  There are plans to have lighting available there too! 

Bring on the snow!