Friday, December 21, 2012

First Grooming of the season

Parts of the ski trail were groomed tonight.  Because of how much snow was blown off of the trail on Thursday we could not groom the entire trail.  Thanks to the efforts of a shoveling crew to add snow where it was needed we were able to groom one loop on the golf course.  It is ready for skate skiing and has a track set for diagonal skiing.  The best access would be in the Northeast corner of the course just off of golf course road. 

We also groomed on the Lodge Resort and Krysilis properties for both skating and diagonal skiing.  Access there would best be at the Lodge parking lot.  Skiers are welcome there.

Thank you to Dan and Eric Rust, Sarah and Dan Hovinga for moving snow tonight!  If anyone else is interested in helping open up any other loops feel free to contact me at

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  1. Just skied the North loop this morning. Okay, so it's not our best grooming work, but considering it's the first of the year it's not bad. Edges are soft for skating and the tracks go down to the grass in spots. But you can still come out and work off those Christmas cookies!